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Absolute faith in Combilo's fruit and veg

Product quality and food safety are, and always will be, hot topics. History teaches us how quickly markets can be disastrously affected when something does go wrong. At Combilo we are acutely aware of this. Our working processes completely satisfy the stringent standards demanded by our various quality certificates: BRC Food Grade A, IFS Food Higher Level, QS and RIK. We have a dedicated quality safeguard team to keep our in-house colleagues on their toes. Externally, we continuously liaise with our suppliers and logistical partners on issues surrounding quality and food safety. Given that many greenhouse vegetables come from our own growers (via our partner company Van Nature) we can ensure that the highest quality standards are always maintained. Of course, we also try to be proactive in order to meet any additional quality demands placed upon us by our customers. The entire chain should ensure that naturally delicate fruit and veg products are treated with the greatest care. 


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ISO 14001

Tracking and tracing is a vital part of our quality and food safety policy

The hygiene and food safety of all our fruit and vegetable products is never a subject for compromise. To safeguard this, at Combilo we have a system in place which continuously monitors food safety. For example, independent laboratories are invited to perform random testing of our products for microbiological and chemical hazards at highly regular intervals. Another aspect of our quality and food safety policy is the latest hi-tech tracking and tracing system we utilise. All our fruit and vegetable products can be traced right from the source grower to their arrival on the shelf. All Dutch and foreign growers working with Combilo need to conform to the production requirements which stem from GLOBAL G.A.P. and GMP. Every detail counts, only 100% certainty satisfies. All are facets of A fresh way of living.

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