About Combilo

Our role in the fresh produce supply chain

Our family business has been the connecting link in the fresh produce supply chain for four generations. Together with all the other players in the chain, we supply the end-user with a wide range of the most delicious, healthy and high-quality varieties of fruit and vegetables.

With breeders, young plant nurseries and producers and growers organisations on the one hand and our customers, retailers, wholesalers and foodservice businesses on the other, we form the fresh produce supply chain. Our shared passion and skill are what puts the healthiest and tastiest fruit and vegetable products on the consumer's plate. Each and every day!

The fruit and vegetable sector is extremely dynamic. Supply and demand – and therefore prices, too – change constantly and are matched seamlessly every day. The many options that our distribution centre offers, our internal logistics and 24/7 just-in-time delivery play a key role in this. By combining product streams efficiently, carrying out strict quality controls and marketing our fruit and vegetable products through various sales channels throughout Europe, we create value in the fresh produce supply chain in a sustainable, personal and refreshing way. This makes Combilo your most reliable and most efficient partner for a full range of healthy fresh food.

Joost van Schie
Lars Vermeulen
Daan Jongejan
Floris Hoogwerf
Annemarijn van Rossum
Natalia Tomiak
Jagoda Hogebrug
Ferry Verbraeken
Alex Streefland
Sofia Sonneveld
Pieter Verduijn
Randy Dijksman
Tim Baars
Coen van der Kruk
Paul Paardekooper
Rob Phillipsen
Derk van Duijvenboode
Paul Sosef
Marjolein van den Berg
Ralph Smid
Patrick Schoep
Max van der Valk
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