A fresh way of living

Well packaged and traceable to source

Fruit and veg products are, by definition perishable and delicate, therefore our suppliers grow them with extreme care. Little wonder then that we give a great deal of thought to how our products are packaged. The right packaging can also add to the desired product experience and/or respond to the consumer’s wishes. Together with growers and buyers, Combilo carefully considers who should be responsible for the packaging. As required and wherever possible, we have decentralised this important task and delegated it to the growers. This fits perfectly with our aim of organising highly efficient logistics. Our central distribution centre in Waddinxveen also boasts state-of-the-art processing lines. This means we can bundle together products from the different growers, packing and shipping them to meet our client's specifications in a timely manner.

Combilo’s appropriate packaging adds value to fruit and vegetables

The most appropriate type of packaging for a particular fruit and veg product will depend upon a number of factors. These include legislation, environmental concerns and of course consumer preferences. One outlet will demand shrink wrapped cucumbers, whilst this would be out of specification to others; just one area that demands flexibility and an anticipation of trends. Combilo has every packaging option available, such as flow packs, biodegradable packaging, netlon and shrink-wrapping. This ensures that all fruit and veg products arrive crisp and fresh. Accurate volume, appropriate packing material, labelling, promotional elements: we take care of it all. 

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