May 2023

Tasty facts

New campaign

A 3,5-minute film about the power of the fruit and vegetable sector.

What do a four-story apartment building, 18,000 football pitches and a banana in a cyclist's back pocket have to do with the fruit and vegetable sector? From today, the answers to these questions can be found on the website "". An initiative by the fruit and vegetable industry to share tasty facts about fruits and vegetables with the world.

We believe that being able to choose from a diverse range of fruits and vegetables every day is the most normal thing in the world. We eat it because it tastes good, or because we know it is healthy, or both. We expect it to be safe, sustainably produced and always available. But this doesn't happen automatically. This is a huge challenge that is only getting bigger.

Feeding the world

In the Netherlands, 20,000 people every day are engaged in buying and selling fruit and vegetables and everything that is involved in getting this colorful and healthy food from the producer to the store. This group includes growers' associations, wholesalers, importers, exporters, packers, fruit and vegetable harvesting companies and logistics service providers. Originally, these are often family businesses, including Combilo. For many years, we have been taking up the challenge of increasing access to healthy food. With innovation, respect for our world, perseverance, passion and craftsmanship, contribute to the important task of feeding the world. These elements can be seen in the story 'Future full of possibilities': a 3.5-minute film about the power of the fruit and vegetable sector. Made by 1Camera, Award winning video producer from Amsterdam.

World of possibilities

The film can also be found on the website. As well as tasty facts about fruit and vegetables. The most normal thing, but with a world of possibilities for consumers, job seekers, innovators and so on. This makes us a guide to a healthy generation.

Source: GroentenFruit Huis

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