April 2023

Premiere Paved Paradise

In Pathé Tuchinski

How do we produce enough food to feed the world while increasing biodiversity?

The greenhouse sector is part of the solution. This becomes clear in Paved Paradise, the documentary by biologist Hidde Boersma and filmmaker Karsten de Vreugd that premiered on Monday 3 April.

During this festive evening at Pathé Tuschinski there was a large turnout of representatives of the high-tech greenhouse horticulture sector. In addition, there were present people who play a key role in the healthy food cluster in the Netherlands.

As a partner of Stop the Food Fight, we are proud to present this documentary. Stop the Food Fight is an independent platform where different movements come together. By means of content, debate evenings and network activities, a space is created to enter into a dialogue about differences in the food debate. Paved Paradise, developed with that dialogue, is an important part of it.

In Paved Paradise, Hidde Boersma and Karsten de Vreug decided to explore an alternative strategy: when agriculture concentrates on growing crops in more fertile soil, there will be more room for nature to flourish. In their search they speak to scientists, farmers, politicians and activists from all over the world.

This documentary will be shown at film festivals and in various cinemas in the coming months. We encourage everyone to watch this special documentary. More information? Click

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