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Fresh = time = Combilo’s smart logistics

With fruit and veg, as with any other business sector: time is money. Any product on the road for too long will lose its appeal, with a corresponding loss of value. When this concerns large volumes, the amounts can escalate. Therefore bridging the distance between grower and buyer is clearly a challenge that has to be met as smoothly, fluently and as quickly as possible. Where required and wherever possible, we do this by supplying our customers direct from the growers’ depots. If storage and trans-shipment are part of the process, our 23,000 m2 logistics centre near Waddinxveen will of course play a central role. Our centre is located in the A12 Distriparc and forms an excellent logistics hub. Here, with our automated processing lines, we can bundle together products from different growers, packing and dispatching them according to our clients’ specifications and on time.

Combilo seizes the moment

Trading in fruit and veg products is not an exact science; supply and demand are difficult to forecast. Finding the right balance between supply and demand is always a dynamic process, rather like playing chess on various boards simultaneously. Our traders are continuously in touch with the various markets and, based on the current price information can quickly give a ‘go’ or ‘no go’. With a storage capacity of 4,000 pallets, our logistics centre in Waddinxveen forms an important buffer in this respect. Our 50 dock shelters ensure fast transport and straight-forward cross docking. Large or small shipments, Combilo treats everything with extreme care. 

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Combilo always chooses the most logical route

Combilo has also developed a high degree of flexibility into the field of logistics. Critical here is the operation of our own fleet, which enables us to fulfil most of the journeys between our suppliers, our distribution centre in Waddinxveen and our buyers. This is complemented by a number of carefully appointed logistics partners who assist by building flexibility into the process, whilst guaranteeing a reliable delivery. Our suppliers know that their often delicate products are in a safe pair of hands with us. Our logistics planners are always seeking the most efficient routes and the best possible loading schedules. By utilising a tracking and tracing system, we, along with our buyers always have a clear view of the exact location and planning of all shipments; absolutely vital for a reliable, and timely delivery.

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