A fresh way of living

Matching supply and demand daily; that is Combilo

At Combilo, we experience the daily flux fruit and veg trade: from both the import and the export side of things. For example, trucks full of tomatoes on the vine heading straight to a retailer in the heart of Germany. Pallets bulging with glossy Dutch aubergines racing south to satisfy a French importer. Or a load of Conference pears ready to board a North Sea ferry; destination, a Scottish wholesaler. For around ninety years we have been matching supply with demand: grower, retailer, importer, wholesaler. All this seems easier these days than in previous decades; we work with state-of-the-art ICT systems which communicate effortlessly with the systems of our Dutch and European customers. Technology is certainly a great boon, adding speed and providing clear insight. However, the overall process is now more complex than ever. There are more product types and varieties, countless wrapping and packaging options, tighter legislation and, rightly so, more demanding consumers: this is the world in which we operate today. In this increasingly intricate environment we aim to be a solid and trustworthy partner for growers, growers’ organisations, retailers, importers and wholesale companies. Satisfied partners and customers; that is what we work towards, every day of the year. 

A fresh way of living: our 200 staff make it happen

Everyone in our company is fully aware of what it is we are trying to achieve as a team. Buying and selling at the right moment at the right price, maintaining quality, reacting rapidly, acquiring a feel for the market, innovating and adjusting wherever and whenever required, maintaining and developing business relationships, keeping each other up to speed; we are continuously evolving. We aim to establish a culture of transparency, based on integrity and with an clear hands-on mentality. Being a true family business really helps. We think long term, and have the freedom to set out and maintain our own course. Lines are short, and the knowledge and commitment of our people is enormous. 

Working at Combilo: a daily dose of dynamism!

At Combilo, we communicate with our growers and clients on a daily basis. On a quiet day, around 50,000 cartons will leave our premises, on other days this can increase to in excess of 300,000. This demands flexibility, the power to think and act almost simultaneously; head, hands and feet in complete harmony. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and knowledgeable new colleagues. Training and work experience do play their part, however the importance of these will change according to the responsibility of the position. Your attitude, approach and ambition are probably what matters most. You need to be able to hold your own in a dynamic enterprise, where every day is different. If you like a fast-moving and, occasionally even hectic environment, and thrive on working under pressure, then you are probably just like us; result focused and driven. Just the kind of person we are looking for!

Currently there are no vacancies at Combilo, however we would still like to hear about your ambitions and receive your CV. Please send your open application to personeelszaken@combilo.nl