A fresh way of living


Combilo prides itself on being an environmentally-friendly company, continually striving for improvement and ways of reducing pollution. The management of Combilo are well aware that the company has a responsibility as a standard-bearer in the community and are therefore very keen to set a good example.
We are very proud of the ISO 14001 certification awarded to us in 2014.

Download here our ISO 14001 certificate.

Please contact Tineke Ottenheijm for our policy statement.

Combilo hits sustainability targets

Annually we set a number of environmental goals, which have led to enormous savings. Our cooling installations have been replaced and we now use a much more environmentally-friendly system.
In addition we have Euro 6 trucks and our drivers have all taken and passed a new training programme. This has enabled us to significantly reduce our CO2 footprint.
Due to other energy saving measures such as LED lighting and an energy efficient heating system we have reduced gas and electricity usage.

In 2019 Combilo will start generating energy through the use of solar panels.

Continue to make the fresh produce chain more sustainable

In collaboration with our growers, Combilo are committed to continue working to become an even more environmentally friendly company. We aim to be leaders in this field.
A fresh way of living