A fresh way of living

Combilo fruit and vegetables: always fresh, always safe and always healthy

Combilo has access to a comprehensive and extensive worldwide network of growers, supplying a high quality range of greenhouse and outdoor-grown fruit and vegetables. A dynamic industry, a wide product range and the ever changing seasons means that every day Combilo can offer you a fresh selection of current crops at competitive prices and in the kind of volumes and quality that will exceed your expectations. A significant proportion of our supplies is provided by our partner company Van Nature. This partnership means we benefit from direct access to around 120 Dutch growers and their 540 hectares of greenhouse facilities and the outdoor-grown produce of 275 hectares. We liaise closely with the growers, discussing important issues including price, quality, sustainability, harvest programmes and general market conditions. In many instances, produce goes direct from source to customer, reducing lead time and ensuring the delivery of that vital, crisp freshness we all appreciate: A fresh way of living!

Combilo supplies a wide range of local and foreign produce every day of the year

Our staple greenhouse vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines. Within this range we offer a wide variety of choice, including the increasingly popular ‘snack tomatoes’ and sweet pointed peppers. We can also supply outdoor-grown vegetables, such as iceberg lettuce, leeks, Brussels sprouts and chicory when in season. Our product range is also complemented by an extensive range of hard and soft fruits, such as pears, apples, blackberries, raspberries, limes and lychees. To keep our clients supplied with fresh produce year round, we are able to effortlessly between home grown and imported produce, for example from Spain, Senegal, Israel and/or Morocco.

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A fresh way of living: how we live up to our clients’ expectations

Combilo’s starting point is clear: we prefer to work with the same growers and suppliers. To create a chain that delivers consistently fresh produce, it is vital to know where and how the products are grown. Growers are passionate about what they produce, continually focusing on quality, freshness and sustainability. Consumers need absolute trust that their food is safe and responsibly produced. The website of ‘our’ Van Nature growers will provide you with an excellent overview of the products, together with their vision on sustainability, healthy production and even more; some tasty recipes. The Veggipedia of the Bureau for Fruit and Vegetables is also a particularly informative site. Full of valuable information on nutritional values, preparation and buying tips; a site that truly brings to life the notion of A fresh way of living