March 2023

Solar panel installation

3856 pieces

In 2019 we installed a PV installation, consisting of 3856 solar panels with a total capacity of 1060 KWp (1,060,000 watts).

The panels are spread over the roof with a total surface area of 8200m2. The total weight of the installation on the roof is about 106,000 kg. To convert solar energy into usable energy, were installed 22 inverters, 80 amperes each. 

When the weather is nice, the PV installation can generate more than 900 kW per hour, enough to power the entire Combilo including all cold stores, car chargers and the packaging halls. The simultaneity of power generation and consumption is well planned and arranged, so that we can use our own generated power efficiently. 

On average, the installation generates approximately 1,000,000 kW per year, which would provide 250 households with electricity throughout the year.

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