October 2023

On the way to Planet Proof

A week of action

On the way to PlanetProof is the fastest growing quality mark in the Netherlands for more sustainable products!

What does the quality mark mean?

The Dutch quality mark is proof that you are buying a product that has been produced in a more sustainable way, making it a better choice for nature, the environment, the climate and animal welfare. Thanks to the quality mark, farmers, gardeners and other companies work on agricultural production that does not burden our planet and step by step make their sector more sustainable based on 8 different themes.


A number of examples of the requirements that apply to our growers to be allowed to use the quality mark:

  • Energy & Climate: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy & climate: Using green energy or generating it ourselves.
  • Water: Preventing crop protection products and fertilizers from ending up in groundwater, ditches or rivers.
  • Water: Collecting and storing rainwater (rain, snow, hail) for irrigation.
  • Soil and fertilization: Protecting the soil from erosion, dehydration and depletion.
  • Soil & fertilization: Using fertilizers as efficiently as possible.



Planet Proof now has more than 2,800 participating companies in the Netherlands and Europe, including many of our growers and suppliers with whom we work. A great step in the right direction to produce and deliver our products climate neutrally.

More questions about this quality mark? Please contact our QA/QC team!


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