August 2023

Fruit season 2023-2024

In the Netherlands & Europe

“The biggest challenge in the pear market is the difference in supply”

The lower European pear harvest creates high expectations among Dutch pear growers. „And then there are even reports that the forecasts in Belgium are still being adjusted downwards. At the same time, a lot can be said, but the pears still have to be sold. In the near future, we will have to find a middle ground between the expectations of the growers and customers," notes Randy Dijksman (product manager of Fruit at Combilo).

According to Randy, very few transactions are currently taking place. „Today we are loading the last old pears. Next week we will start with the new pears from the Belgian Conference variety. Many buyers are still on vacation and last season is almost over. The near future will reveal what the new season will actually look like. However, prices will start at a higher level than last year. Retailers also understand that pears will be 10 to 20 cents more expensive, but doubling the prices won't be a problem. Pears remain a commodity where a lot of activity takes place.”

„In my opinion, the biggest challenge is a completely different supply compared to last year. A lot of attention is paid to the harvest forecasts, but we also have a completely different size distribution. The pears will be thicker and the quantity of class II will be larger. Last year almost every batch of pears was suitable for packaging for a discount supermarket, but now there is much more distinction between the batches. Due to bigger differences in quality, the price per lot will also vary significantly.”

„I expect that the Comice pears will be purchased by Italy in no time this season. I also see plenty of room for the Lukassen pear. If expectations are high for the Conference pear, the Lukassen pear often performs well.” Randy also keeps a close eye on the development of club varieties. „Any way you look at it, over the years the Conference has become a commodity. We have also noticed great interest from our customers in new products, such as red pears. For example, repeat purchases of the Sweet Sensation and Qtee pears are particularly high."

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